Máy Nghe Nhạc Mp3 Mini Hỗ Trợ Khe Cắm Thẻ Nhớ Tf Tiện Dụng

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Giới thiệu Máy Nghe Nhạc Mp3 Mini Hỗ Trợ Khe Cắm Thẻ Nhớ Tf Tiện Dụng

C key mirror card mp3 student walkman portable clip mp3 music player
Product name: mp3 music player
Color: white, pink, purple, green, blue, black
Battery: 90MA lithium battery
Battery life: about 4 hours
Material: Plastic
Size: 4.2*2.9*1.4CM
quantity: 1

1. Trendy shell, innovative lavalier design, ultra-small size, can be clamped at will. Concise, refined and stylish.
2. Supports digital music playback in a variety of MP3 music formats.
3. It can be used as a mobile flash drive to store MP3 songs or data anytime and anywhere.
4. Can be used as a TF card reader.
5. It has the functions of MP3 and removable storage disk at the same time.
6. Adopt USB1.1/2.0 interface, support hot swap, both plug and use.
7. No external power supply is required.
8. Use multiple operating platforms WIN98/SE/ME/2000/XP..4 and above.
9. Storage medium. No mechanical parts, anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference.
10. Built-in high-energy rechargeable lithium battery, long standby time.
11. Stylish and compact design, beautiful and exquisite workmanship, good gifts.

Instructions for use:
1. Turn on the MP3 switch, turn the switch to ON, and start playing. The status light starts to flash.
2. Press the play button again to start in a paused state.
3. Press the volume adjustment button to adjust the size.
4. Press forward and backward to adjust the song you want to listen to.
5. To stop playing, first press Pause to put the host in a pause state.
6. Turn the switch to the OFF state. The shutdown is complete.

Precautions for use:
1. The time to connect to the computer's USB port to charge and use the charger to charge the MP3 should not exceed 2 hours, otherwise it is very easy to cause the failure and damage of the MP3 built-in lithium battery.
2. Please don't pay attention to the status of MP3 or charger indicator when charging. It will be fully charged within 1.5 hours, and MP3 or charger indicator will not change any status after fully charged.
3. The time for a single connection to the USB port of the computer should not exceed 2 hours. When the MP3 is unplugged from the computer, you must strictly follow the requirements of the computer operating system, first remove the hardware and then unplug the MP3. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause the MP3 player to lose the software program.
4. During normal use of the new machine, please do not upgrade the firmware of the MP3 player.

The package includes:
1*mp3 music player (without TF card)
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